Medical Weight Loss Program in Cedarburg, WI

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What is Medical Weight Loss?

The compassionate team at Cedarburg Family Wellness & Aesthetics offers medical weight loss support for men and women who struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or you need help with extensive weight loss, triple board-certified physician and obesity medicine expert Dr. Janice Alexander will take your medical history and lifestyle into account to create a customized plan to help you lose the weight and keep it off. We provide diet plans, medical guidance, nutrition counseling, dietary supplements, and consistent motivation and support for patients who wish to attain their weight goals and improve their self-confidence. Get started by scheduling your weight loss consultation at our office in Cedarburg, WI.

How Can Medical Weight Loss Help Me?

During your consultation, Dr. Alexander will perform a physical exam, learn about your goals, and discuss any underlying factors that could be keeping you from reaching your desired weight. Then, she will create a personalized weight loss plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. The exact nutrition plan and dosage of medication or supplements prescribed will be determined based on your age, gender, weight, body measurements, and goals. From there, Dr. Alexander will provide you with customized weight loss resources and tools to help you maintain a positive mindset and a consistent routine on your path to a healthy weight. You will attend a series of follow-up appointments at Cedarburg Family Wellness & Aesthetics where you will receive medical supervision, support, and encouragement during your medical weight loss journey.

A renewed Mindset

At Cedarburg Family Wellness & Aesthetics, we understand it is not always easy to maintain a healthy weight over the course of your lifetime. If you have not had success with weight loss on your own, it's possible that medical guidance and personalized attention could make the difference in reaching your goals. Call our office in Cedarburg, WI to schedule your appointment.

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