How Long After BOTOX® Can I Touch my Face?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 07/15/2022

If you are ready to have younger-looking skin, and erase frown lines and Crow’s feet, then BOTOX injections in Cedarburg, WI may be an ideal choice.


Five Signs You Need Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Dr. Janice Alexander | 06/17/2022

Five Signs You Need Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment


Can A HydraFacial® Rejuvenate Dry, Flaky Skin?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 05/19/2022

If you suffer from dehydrated skin despite your best efforts at skin care, a HydraFacial can add moisture and reset dry skin on the face and neck.


Where On The Body Can You Get Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 04/22/2022

When it comes to laser hair removal, almost nothing is off-limits. Discover the silky-smooth results that are possible with laser hair removal here.


Three Injectables That Trim Years off Your Facial Appearance

Dr. Janice Alexander | 03/15/2022

Injectables like BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® can reduce unwanted signs of aging. Learn about the revolutionary cosmetic injectables we offer at our clinic.


Will truSculpt® Make My Abs Look Sculpted?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 02/10/2022

With nonsurgical body contouring, you can finally achieve the slimmer, more defined figure you desire.


What Age-Related Issues Can Vaginal Rejuvenation Address?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 01/18/2022

Vaginal dryness and looseness due to menopause can impact your quality of life. Improve your vaginal health with cutting-edge laser treatments here.


Can You Go In the Sun Right After a HydraFacial®?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 12/18/2021

Taking care of your skin after your HydraFacial treatment will help you keep long-lasting results.


Will Pregnancy Disqualify Me From Laser Hair Removal?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 11/12/2021

Get the answers to all of your questions about laser hair removal during pregnancy, including if it is safe for you and your baby.


How Safe Is It to Get BOTOX® After the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 10/14/2021

Just to be cautious, we recommend waiting at least two weeks after you complete your COVID-19 vaccination before scheduling any BOTOX appointments.


Four Areas on the Face Where JUVÉDERM® Can Restore Volume

Dr. Janice Alexander | 09/14/2021

Dermal fillers can work around many parts of the face, including on the lip and jaw. The injection sites should be planned with care.


Put an End to Stubborn Body Fat with truSculpt® iD

Dr. Janice Alexander | 08/15/2021

Now you can reduce fat without invasive plastic surgery. Our professionals explain the benefits of body contouring with the innovative truSculpt iD.


How Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Can Help With Menopause

Dr. Janice Alexander | 07/16/2021

Menopause symptoms include vaginal looseness and pain during sex. Discover how laser vaginal rejuvenation renews this area for increased comfort.


Is a HydraFacial® Safe for Sensitive Skin?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 06/14/2021

HydraFacial treatment can address common skin issues like rough texture and wrinkles. Learn about HydraFacial benefits for people with sensitive skin.


The Importance of Shaving Before Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Janice Alexander | 05/13/2021

Learn the best ways to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment in Cedarburg, WI at a consultation.


How Often Can You Get BOTOX® Injections?

Dr. Janice Alexander | 04/21/2021

BOTOX injections can smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. Learn how often to schedule cosmetic treatments during your next anti-aging consultation.


Addressing the Controversy Regarding the Covid-19 Vaccines

Dr. Janice Alexander | 02/17/2021

Studies regarding the vaccines are not yet complete, but the outlook of what we have in place looks promising for the future.


Hormone Therapy and Alternative: Therapies During Midlife for Men and Women

Dr. Janice Alexander | 01/01/2021

Midlife for men and women is a time when some note bothersome changes in physiology.


The Antiaging Movement: Preventing and Reversing Cognitive and Physical Decline

Dr. Janice Alexander | 11/01/2020

Maintaining good health does not come by accident and is essential for preventing cognitive and physical decline.


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