Four Areas on the Face Where JUVÉDERM® Can Restore Volume

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Dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM can make a positive impact on your face by restoring volume and fullness while reducing the appearance of facial lines. The hyaluronic acid you will find in JUVÉDERM and other fillers will boost your skin’s natural collagen levels to create a more natural look for your skin.

You can use dermal fillers on various parts of the face. Triple board-certified physician Dr. Janice Alexander and the rest of the team at Cedarburg Family Wellness & Aesthetics Center in Cedarburg, WI, can assist you by providing a helpful filler solution for your face. During your first consultation, we’ll review your cosmetic needs and identify a suitable plan for treatment you can trust.

Here are four areas on the face where you can use dermal fillers. The injection sites for these spots will vary, but they all provide effective results you can trust.

1. What JUVÉDERM can do for your lips

A lip filler can restore the natural shape of the lips and produce an even look that corrects indentations and other imperfections. It can also prevent lines from appearing around the lips. The filler is injected around the areas in the corners of your mouth. The injection site provides access to the tissue, but it does not weaken the lips or cause bruising in the area.

2. What JUVÉDERM can do for your cheeks

The cheeks are another area where dermal fillers are useful. Our experts at Cedarburg Family Wellness & Aesthetics Center can apply filler around the upper parts of the cheeks for patients near Cedarburg, Mequon, Grafton, or Milwaukee, WI. This area provides the most coverage and allows the hyaluronic acid to move through the tissue.

The cheek tissue can sag and develop indentations as we age. But a dermal filler will restore the natural shapes of the cheeks. The process produces results similar to what a facelift surgery provides, but it doesn’t entail the invasive process or extended recovery period that surgery would require.

3. What JUVÉDERM can do for your nose

Dermal fillers for the nose are applied to the bridge area between the eyes to right above the tip. The treatment reshapes the nose and restores its natural look. It makes the nose more visible without sinking too deep into the face and becoming too distracting. The process is more effective than rhinoplasty in most situations, plus it does not require a lengthy recovery period.

4. What JUVÉDERM can do for your jawline

The fourth area where dermal fillers enhance the face is the jawline. An injection can work on the sides of the jaw, preferably near the bottom part. The injected filler produces collagen necessary for producing a noticeable jawline. It also keeps the tissue from sagging and provides a more defined look. The end result helps you look younger, plus it creates a natural shape.

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You will find dermal fillers to be helpful for your facial treatment needs. You can ask Dr. Janice Alexander at the Cedarburg Family Wellness & Aesthetics Center in Cedarburg, WI for further details on how dermal fillers like JUVÉDERM can work for you. We can schedule a consultation to help you learn about how fillers can work, plus we can plan a treatment solution that works for your use in Mequon, Grafton, or Milwaukee, WI.

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